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8 sản phẩm theo trend dành cho Ngày Của Cha

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Father’s Day is big business for e-retailers. But if your online store is not prepared, you could very well be missing out on your slice of the pie. A recent report by NRF finds that American consumers will spend a whopping $16 billion on gifts this year, a healthy increase from the $15.3 billion that […]

By Trân Nguyễn
Tháng Năm 26, 2022

Father’s Day is big business for e-retailers. But if your online store is not prepared, you could very well be missing out on your slice of the pie. A recent report by NRF finds that American consumers will spend a whopping $16 billion on gifts this year, a healthy increase from the $15.3 billion that was spent in 2018. Of the 37% of consumers who will shop online for Father’s Day gifts this year, more than 57% of them will be using a mobile phone or tablet to research and make a purchase.

Because Father’s day is just right around the corner, we have built a list of the most potential products for Father’s Day 20222 by analyzing trends. If you are looking for trend-ready products to sell on this special occasion, this blog is for you. Read it and pick one or maybe more of our product suggestions below for your store. Let’s start!

Which trend-ready items to sell on Father’s Day 2021?
1. T-shirts

A T-shirt is one of the clothing items that never goes out of trend. Whether it’s a body-hugging t-shirt, cotton t-shirt, or graphic t-shirt, no matter what style it is, they have always dominated the trend all the time. Over the years, it has been on the list of must-have fashion items.

Screenshot 4

Image 1: The volume of t-shirt searches. Source: Google Trends

The data from Google trends shows that the public interest in t-shirts is definitely going to be increasing on Father’s Day months around the world. So, if you are searching for high-demand items for your online store, consider catching up the fashion trends by personalized t-shirts with eye-catching designs.

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For more information about t-shirts: 

2. Mugs

Speaking of Father’s Day gifts – a mug is an adorable and affordable gift that customers are always looking for on Father’s Day. 

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Image 2: The volume of mug searches. Source: Google Trends

The solid data above reaffirms that the mug is among the best gift ideas for Father’s Day 2021. So, we would advise all eCommerce retailers to create a versatile collection of trendy personalized mugs to quickly cash on this occasion. 

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For more information about ceramic mugs: 

3. Tumblers

An eco-friendly or zero-waste lifestyle is a hot trend around the world that means everyone works towards conserving and protecting the environment and polluting less while reducing plastic waste and carbon footprint. Together with the rise of eco-friendly lifestyles, the impulse to “go green” by using reusable plastic products is clearly growing globally. 


Image 3: The volume of tumbler searches. Source: Google Trends

Moreover, the good thing about tumblers is that they’re trending all year round, which means  personalized tumblers will be trendy Father’s Day gifts. And, it’s the best time for sellers to “go green” and sell tumblers on Father’s Day 2021.


For more information about tumblers: 

4. Pillows

The pillow is in high-demand and is an important item for home decor and special occasions like Father as the demand for a pillow is sustainable on the worldwide trends chart over a year, especially in the last June, August and November. From tecnavio.com, the pillow market has the potential to grow by USD 11.58 billion during 2020-2025, and the market’s growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 5.96%. Thus, this is perhaps the best time to add to your ecommerce store with a collection of personalized pillows. 

Image 4: The volume of pillow searches over a year. Source: Google Trends

To make the pillow a perfect item to sell on Father’s Day 2021, create colorful designs inspired by 2021 trends like art-deco, color blocking, and mud-cloth prints, or even just keep it minimalist with monochromatic designs and copyright-free quotes.

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5. Cloth Face Masks

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, mask-wearing has become mandatory and face masks are no doubt a global high-demand product. The core function of the face mask was and still is to protect us, but it’s now become way more than that. It can be more creative and used as a must-have fashion accessory while still complying with the recommended safety guidelines. 

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So, e-commerce retailers – hurry up and start catching up the chance to make and sell cloth face masks. A wide variety of styles and designs you should consider, which can be quirky stickers and patterns as well as layout options – creating fun unique combinations for different looks.

6. Posters

The distinctive and unique nature of personalized posters will absolutely attract buyers who like to think out of the box with regards to the present for their dads on Father’s Day 2021. A motivational quotes poster, or make it more artistic with art watercolor or modern abstract printings, the variety of design options makes them sure-shot winning Father’s Day products for your online store.

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Image 5: The volume of poster searches over a year. Source: Google Trends

But it’s not only that, looking at the great volume of searches for the poster over a year to confirm that you can easily gain profits by selling this item on Father’s Day 2021.

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For more information about posterposters: 

7. Puzzle

Some customers like to surprise their fathers with presents they might least expect. Or they simply want to put more love and care into Father’s Day gifts to help dads relax at home, with family, or even on their own. Let’s come to think of a personalized puzzle. Believe us, it might end up as an interesting Father’s day gift idea in 2021.  

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For more information about puzzlepuzzles: 

8. Ceramic Ornaments

On special occasions like Father’s Day, customers tend to be attracted by lovely keepsakes that can remind their dads of all the memories they have gone through. A personalized ornament with a meaningful and powerful message is the best Father’s Day gift idea eCommerce retailers should add to their selling list. Gearment’s 

For more information about ornaments

Father’s Day is a special commercial holiday in many parts of the world, which is the time of year to appreciate our dads for embracing the responsibility of nurturing and raising us, and for devotion to our family. This is also a good time for eCommerce sellers to gain an upper hand and increase their sales by selecting the suggested trending items on Father’s Day.

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