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Integrate Gearment’s platform to your Ebay account with a few clicks and start making money.
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Sell print-on-demand products
on Ebay with Gearment

Step 1 – Sign in/Sign up

Sign in or Sign up for a free Gearment account if you don’t have one.

Step 2 – Connect store

Connect Gearment’s account to your existing Ebay store or simply create a new store. With our seamless solution, it only takes a few minutes to finish connecting.

Step 3 – Sync products

All the products you created in Gearment’s account will be automatically synced to your Ebay dashboard.

Step 4 – We take care the rest

When someone purchases your products, the orders are automatically synced to Gearment’s account. If you choose the auto process function, Gearment will immediately proceed to print, pack and ship to your customers. You can check and monitor all orders in your Gearment’s account.

How To Connect To Ebay Store

Connect your Ebay store

Benefits of selling on Ebay

Easy to use

No technical skill is needed to start selling on Ebay. It’s very straightforward and fast to create an account, list products and manage a store.

Customer trust

Ebay has a strict buyer protection policy which makes customers feel much safer buying from you even if they don’t know you before. It’s an advantage if you’re in the beginning stage of your business.

Selling through auctions

Consider using the auction feature to let the buyer offer the price for your unique products. You might end up selling your products at a higher price than you expected.

Why choose Gearment for your Ebay business

Are you looking for a print-on-demand partner? Search no more because Gearment has provided you everything you need from starting an account, designing the product, listing to production, and shipping. Now you can focus your time on understanding your customers and use your creativity to create designs that your customers like.

100% free to use

You don’t pay us anything to start. All you need is your spare time and little creativity.

High profit margin

Effective optimization of cost and quality that makes you highly profitable.

Superior print quality

Satisfy your customers with our cutting-edge printing technology, eco-friendly ink, and quality material.

Robust production time

Our average production time is 1-3 days, and we keep making it faster.

Global Shipping

We work with top logistic leaders to provide you with flexible shipping plans.

24/7 Support

Count on us for any question from how to start and design to customs and tax.
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