How to create an order?

There are four methods to create an order on Gearment application: #

Synchronize order: #

You can connect your store to Gearment application and turn on auto sync order function. Any orders placed on your store will be automatically synchronized to Gearment app every 8 hours. 

You can follow if the orders are successfully and continuously synchronized to Gearment app by checking the menu Report sync orders, see the photo below

Manually sync orders #

You can also manually sync orders to Gearment app following these steps: Order -> All order -> Sync order 

-> Select platform -> Select period (in US time zone) and store -> Sync order

Import order via csv file: #

You can go to menu Order -> All order -> Import order -> Download Gearment Template File -> Fill in required information -> Import that file into Gearment app

You can check if the orders are successfully imported to the system by checking the menu Order import progress, see the photo below:

Create an order manually: #

You can go to Order -> All order -> Create an order -> Create manual order -> Fill in the required information -> Save

Create an order using API #

You can find all documents about API at

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