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What Are Custom T-shirts? The Reasons Behind The Popularity of Custom T-shirts

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Everyone has at least one t-shirt in their closet, therefore there is no doubt that t-shirts never go out of style. A t-shirt can be worn for a variety of circumstances, including casual wear and even formal ones that represent the wearer’s own character. There is a high need for printed t-shirts, and beginning a […]

By Trân Nguyễn
February 23, 2022

Everyone has at least one t-shirt in their closet, therefore there is no doubt that t-shirts never go out of style. A t-shirt can be worn for a variety of circumstances, including casual wear and even formal ones that represent the wearer’s own character. There is a high need for printed t-shirts, and beginning a custom t-shirt business is much less difficult than you might assume.

As modern customers desire personalization, mass-produced t-shirts are becoming obsolete. People frequently love personalized products in order to show off their unique styles, ushering in a new era for the worldwide custom t-shirt printing market. There has never been a better moment to start a printing custom t-shirt business. Before you dive into this potentially lucrative field, you must first evaluate custom t-shirt business prospects and how they function. 

What does a custom printing t-shirt mean?

Custom t-shirts have been a popular concept for quite some time now, this trend is still rising and innovating to meet the customers’ preference. So, what does the custom t-shirt concept actually mean? Custom t-shirts refer to the action of measuring clothing in which you can provide your design and your shirt measurements to a tailoring company for stitching. Custom t-shirt concept is a way to design your own clothes of your own choice following your style, preference, and personality. But, you have to acknowledge that t-shirts are printed taking a long time to the customer’s hands including fulfillment time and shipping time than it would if you already had available stock. 

The global custom printing t-shirt market 

When it comes to custom products, people would never forget t-shirts as an all-time favorite ambassador! Why? Basically, this is because the demand for this item is always massive during the year and it constantly keeps growing and growing year to year, regardless of gender, age, income, or social class. According to the data from statista.com, fashion, particularly clothing, has been on top of the list in terms of total eCommerce with expected expenditure to reach USD 205 billion in 2022.  

T-shirts also constitute one of the principal consumer goods from the category of apparel for daily use which accounts for one of the largest shares of the fashion category. T-shirt consumption goes beyond just the essential items and depends on fashion trends and social life. Its consumption is to follow the growth of the global population and consumer income, which nothing can stop it from increasing.

The custom t-shirt has been a common phrase in the industry since it is the all-time favorite product of both sellers and customers. The global custom t-shirt printing market size was valued at USD 3.64 billion in 2020 and that is anticipated to reach USD 7.57 billion by 2028.  It is anticipated to register a compound annual growth rate – CAGR of 9.7% between 2021 and 2028 and contribute over 2% – 3% in the apparel market.

The reason behind the popularity of customized t-shirt

T-shirt printing could be well-established suggests that of embellishing a shirt, but, why are custom t-shirts becoming increasingly more popular.

Custom t-shirt printing companies

  • Personalization trend

One of the primary growth drivers of the global adaptogen market is personalized trends. Earlier, fashion was all product-centric and not customer-centric. Throughout the last decade, things have changed and fashion is more customer-centric these days. Together with the development of technology, personalization has been one of the most relevant and in-demand trends in modern retail.  

It’s easy to realize that shoppers have become painfully bored with watching mass-market standard clothing brands. They crave something unique and different. A recent consumer review by Deloitte reported that 1 in 5 consumers are willing to pay 20% more for a personalized or exclusive product. Thus, the custom t-shirt printing market is still a very viable and profitable business model even at least in 2022.

  • The development of the entertainment industry

The development of the entertainment industry and the rising influence of media significantly contributes to the print t-shirt design market growth with a huge number of customers who are movie, idol, or television series fanatics and willing to spend a higher amount on buying t-shirts with their favorite dialogues or slogan printed on them. This trend is forecasted to continually drive the popularity of the print t-shirt custom market over the coming years.

  • The increasing of disposable income

Rising preference towards customized, fashionable, and unique clothing, as well as increasing disposable income within the global young population, are major factors driving demand for custom t-shirts worldwide. Customized t-shirts are majorly targeted at the young population as it allows them to design clothing that matches their preference, personality, and style.

As Investopedia’s definition, disposable income, also known as disposable personal income – DPI, is the amount of money that an individual or household has to spend or save after income taxes have been deducted. Economically, disposable income directly affects the consumers’ purchasing power and decision. If disposable income increases, households have more money to spend and save, which then forces consumers to consume more and become less frugal. 

Thus, the rising disposable incomes of people across the globe boost the affordability of these customized t-shirts, which are relatively more expensive than normal t-shirts. 

  • Fulfill the need for expression 

T-shirts mean much more than just the go-to apparel for a casual day that is one of the best mediums of expression. The growth of demand on using customized t-shirts to deliver the message and social awareness without saying a word, express unity and solidarity, empower us to take action or express unity and solidarity, present significant growth opportunities to the custom t-shirt printing market. 

  • Branding 

Many businesses all over the world use customized products as an after-hours advertising technique. Coca-Cola, for example, swapped Coke logo with 150 of Australia’s most popular names in the groundbreaking campaign – Share A Coke. The campaign was carried out in over 70 countries, with billions of named cans sold that summer. The key to this campaign’s success is personalization; consumers were as excited as children when they saw their names on the bottles or cans. When selling custom t-shirts, this advertising approach is significantly easier to implement because it requires less cost than other forms of promotion such as hoardings and television.

Have you planned to form a custom t-shirt business and are looking for a fulfillment partner? Gearment’s t-shirt, with its low base cost, can undoubtedly increase your sales in this attractive industry. Register for an account at Gearment to receive the latest eCommerce industry news and exclusive offers.


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