Gearment - Custom Pillow Guideline

Gearment – Custom Pillow Guideline
The pillow is high-demand and is an important item for home decor. From, the pillow market has the potential to grow by USD 11.58 billion during 2020-2025. The rise of pillow sales can be explained by the increasing adoption of smartphones and increasing internet penetration have boosted the sales of pillows through online channels. […]
Gearment – Custom Tumbler Guideline
An eco-friendly or zero-waste lifestyle is a hot trend around the world that means everyone works towards conserving and protecting the environment and polluting less while reducing plastic waste and carbon footprint. Together with the rise of eco-friendly lifestyles, the impulse to “go green” by using reusable plastic products is clearly growing globally. Made from stainless […]
Gearment – Custom Ceramic Guideline
If you are looking for a product that is easy to find, inexpensive to buy, and potentially profitable, you might want to consider selling mugs. Mugs are also mostly purchased all the time of the year as gifts on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. That’s a reason why all POD fulfillment companies always […]
Gearment – Custom Puzzle Guidelines
Is the custom jigsaw puzzle market profitable to jump into? Based on statista, revenue in the puzzle segment accounts to USD 6.196 million in 2022 and is forecasted to have an annual growth rate of 7.57% from 2022 to 2026.  The increasing popularity of custom puzzles in movies and television shows has had a significant […]
Gearment – Custom Flag Guidelines
Custom house flags and custom garden flags are new stars in the Home&Living category so it isn’t surprising the demand for these products is very high these days. Aside from the home decors, house flags and garden flags can be used in many other ways: businesses, schools, parks, community centers, etc. I. Product details House […]
Hướng Dẫn Thiết Kế Design Cho Các Sản Phẩm Print-on-demand Sứ
Printing digital artworks on products is not a new concept, especially in the Print On Demand (POD) industry. However, using graphics designs to print on different materials will bring up different qualities, particularly in ceramic products. Making design guides become more important than ever. Acknowledging the problem, Gearment has compiled the information and some useful […]
Doormat Guidelines
Doormat có hai kích thước 30×18 và 24×16. Để thuật tiện, Gearment thiết kế cả hai sử dụng chung một Design. Bạn lưu ý design này sẽ in đầy đủ trên kích thước 24×16, nhưng khi in trên 30×18, cạnh trên dưới sẽ mất một phần nhỏ (phần sọc chéo trong hình). Trường hợp bạn […]
Puzzle Design Guidelines
Puzzle bao gồm 5 kích thước, bạn có thể làm chính xác theo Guide hoặc sử dụng một số nguyên tắc cơ bản: Sử dụng hình ảnh đúng tỉ lệ Các nội dung quan trọng không đặt quá sát lề, nên chừa khoảng 0.5 inch. Bảng dưới đây là kích thước đo của Puzzle thực […]
Garden Flag 12×18 Design Guidelines
Garden Flag rất được ưa chuộng tại Mỹ, chỉ có một kích thước duy nhất là 12×18 inch. Design của loại sản phẩm này cần lưu ý khu vực để xỏ cây treo cờ (stand’s arm), bạn không nên để chữ hoặc nội dung quan trọng ở đó, mặc dù bản in sẽ phủ hết […]
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