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How Etsy print-on-demand drop shipping works

About Etsy

An e-Commerce website allows any individual to start selling their custom design and handmade products. Etsy carries a wide range of product assortment from clothing, home décor to furniture and many other product categories. The site is a great platform that enhances any creative business idea.

Gearment and Etsy integration

The integration will allow store owners to save time and speed up the fulfillment process. Once the Etsy store and Gearment app are linked successfully, the app will automatically sync and process all orders on its own. Very minimum effort needed to fulfill orders with the integration we provide
Setup timeVery fast
Price5% transaction fee + $0.20 fee to publish products
Best forBeginners
Products pushed to store Yes

How it works

Have an Etsy store

Seller first open a free seller account on Etsy

Connect the store to your Gearment account

Authorize our API’s access to your account

Product creation

Create products on Gearment app with your creative design ideas

Publish your products

Set your desire selling prices and upload products to start your listing

Yay, Well done!

Now all you need to do is promote your products while our system will automatically fulfills and ships out your orders.

Our custom printed products

Our high-quality Print-on-Demand products are the perfect blank slate for sharing your creative flair.

Selling on Etsy with Gearment is a top choice

There is no cost to start off your business on Etsy

Low cost to sell with their powerful tools

Target a wide range of customers and sell globally

Etsy founded in 2015 with constant growth in revenue. Now has up to 34.9 million active buyers (Mar, 2020)

Involves in identifying popular words and phrases people enter into search engines allows sellers to learn and improve their listing

The platform allows sellers to list, and buyers to reach those one-of-a-kind items which are personalized for specific buyers

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