Set up your account before you start creating your orders

Once you have successfully created your Gearment account, you need to configure some functions and information before starting to create orders. 

  • Payment method: we accept Paypal and Payoneer or top up via Payoneer or Pingpong to Gearment wallet to pay for your orders. You can connect your Paypal or Payoneer account to Gearment app. We do not limit the number of payment accounts added into system. However, only one account is chosen to pay for one invoice. See add Paypal account, add Payoneer account, and to top up, transfer to Gearment Payoneer/Pingpong account email [email protected]

Billing information: billing information is printed on the invoice paid for Gearment. To configure billing information, go to setting -> general -> fill in required filed -> update setting

  • Configure user label:
    • All users need to update their user label with an address in the US. The address must be verified. There will be suggestion for you to select. If you use Gearment warehouse’s address, all design uploaded on Gearment app for fulfillment will be scanned and detected from trademark and copyrights policy. We use Google Cloud Visions to scan your design. If the orders uploaded with design that violates trademark and copyrights policy, they will be marked on-hold and cannot be fulfilled unless you change the address of user label or change the design. To configure user label for your account, see here
  • Automated features on Gearment app
    • In menu setting, you can set up some automated features for your accounts such as match product, approve order, payment order, auto confirm shipment for Amazon orders, auto sync tracking to your store once the orders on Gearment updated with tracking numbers. 

Please note that auto confirms shipment and auto sync tracking numbers to your store only applied when you connect your store to our app.

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