FBA orders

If you would like to selling POD products on Amazon, using Amazon shipping carrier partner to ship your order, it is called Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). What you need to do is stocking your products at Amazon warehouses. You can create an order on Gearment app, we print and call Amazon come to pick up and ship your products to Amazon warehouse. Then once a buyer places an order on your store and choose FBA service, Amazon will process the order for you. 

To create an FBA order on Gearment app, see here

For FBA order, it may take about 1-3 business days to process and can be 2-4 business days in the peak time. Amazon will come and pick up then when it arrives at Amazon warehouse, it needs a few more days for Amazon warehouse staff to check receiving and update stock on your listing. Now you can start sell your product using FBA service.

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