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TikTok For Business 101

TikTok For Business 101
Do you know that the #fentybeauty hashtag has over 44 million views on TikTok and #fentybeautyhouse has gained 10 million views in three weeks without any paid media on the platform? We are sure that you probably have known about TikTok before if you are into social media. Even if you are not, you’ve still […]
How To Prepare For Holiday Rush And To Boost Holiday Revenue
Holiday season is coming. Tons of things are needed to be ready and deliberately planned out for the rushest-sales time of the year. Getting prepared for this overloading sales season will always be necessary.  1. Get your inventory organized if you’re FBA sellers: Stocking and delivery time are always considered the most severe problems during the […]
Tips To Minimize Account Suspension On Etsy, eBay, And Poshmark – Gearment Blogs
Getting a sale account is difficult but how to maintain a healthy, unlocked account is much more difficult. Gearment realizes that sellers are particularly concerned about this issue so we have developed and launched Label Platform feature, a lifesaver for sellers who are dealing with account suspension. What is a Label Platform? Label Platform is […]
4 Ways To Increase Traffic For E-commerce Brand Without Paid Ads
Sometimes, you still ask yourself “How some online businesses seem to get thousands or millions of unique monthly visitors” and “How do I drive more traffic to my online store?”. Right? Obviously, it is undeniable that creating an audience from scratch is one of the biggest obstacles and an art all its own for an […]
The Greatest Marketing Tips From A Vietnamese Football Player Van Toan
Thanks to Van Toan, we got a penalty, helping Vietnam hold off Malaysia for a 2-1 win and moving closer to the World Cup final qualifying round. However, many Malaysian fans have asserted that Van Toan pretended to fall, and they have attacked him on social media. He immediately launches his new “It’s real” shirt […]
5 Useful Tips To Prevent Tech Neck
Neck pain is a common musculoskeletal condition as people spend most of their waking hours staring at screens to work, watch movies or play games. In fact, 43-63% of office workers have neck problems. This ailment is commonly called tech neck that is even more common than before the outbreak of COVID-19. This is the […]
6 Powerful Ways To Attract Young Customers
Around the world, young customers who are millennials and gen Z are powerfully shaping society and business. The e-commerce industry is no exception. Young customers bring a new wave to the industry with some interesting new demands and trends cropping up. A sign of them being our future dominant customer segment in the industry has […]
4 Effective Tips To Build Customer Loyalty
Have you ever wondered if it is easier to maintain a long-term relationship or to start over a new relationship? Relationships are not easy to be built or to be maintained, but it would be harder to retain one. It is the same for branding, new customers acquisition is not easy, but building customer loyalty […]
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