Terry Le


Founder of Gearment Inc.
Founder of
Founder of the biggest platform for people in Vietnam from the early days of the social media era - which had millions of users and contributors.

Proceed to create one of the best fulfillment services for e-commerce businesses.
“We not only go first, but also go fast”

An Le

10 years experience in e-commerce businesses Our mission is to create our own ecosystem where customers can feel empowered entering the POD industry.

We have come so far and there are many more achievements awaiting ahead that our team are working up to.


Loi Ly


Founder of 3FS
Technology is vital to businesses in the POD industry.

We, the development team, define it as the soul of Gearment.

Tram Nguyen

Bachelor of Marketing - UHD
Certificate in Retail Management
We work up to customer pleasure and satisfaction. “We build our brand, so you can build yours but greater”.

We have more than just vision for the industry but also the passion in any project that we ever launch.
Our slogan is “Rank Up”
We are here to rank you up.


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